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Highlights Of Digital Temperature Controller

Digital Temperature Controller

There are various parameters in the industry that has to be maintained in order to ensure proper functioning of the machines in the industry. One of such important parameter that has to be controlled is temperature and for this purpose the digital temperature controller will be very handy. In fact, this is a parameter that has to be noted in all processes taking place in a manufacturing company. Normally this will be done in order to ensure a product is heated or chilled properly, according to the requirement of the process else the end product might get worn out. There were many traditional methods which were responsible for the temperature controlling, but they were not as accurate as the digital temperature controllers. Hence, the digital controller is preferred by many manufacturing companies these days.

Digital Temperature Controller

Reading the values will also be very simple and easy in the digital meters. This reliable equipment can be pre-tuned in order to make the process perfect. This will be used in many manufacturing industries, and some of them are listed here. First will be the food and beverage industry as the food processing has to be done at the right temperature. Even a slight miss in the temperature maintenance shall cause damage o the food product. Next will be the plastic industry. There will be many instruments like coolers, molders, dryers, hoppers and extruding equipment that will require the right temperature maintenance in order to get the expected finished product. Even the packaging industry will require this parameter to be set right.

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IAC Flow Duty
Intake Air Temp.T P Sensor Volt
Throttle Position
MAP SensorBarometric Pressure
Fuel System
Injector Pulse widthO2 sensor
Short Fuel Trim
Long Fuel TrimTotal FT
Fuel Cut
Evap. Purge ValveFuel Pump
A/c Switch
A/c Mag ClutchA/c Cont. fan
Closed TP switch
Stop Light SwitchTechnical specificationSystem Configuration: OBD I; OBD-II (ISO 9141-2, ISO-14230, SAE J1850, KWP2000, CAN Bus Communication.Power: Cigar Lighter, Power Cable, AC/DC Adapter.256 MB in built memory.LCD backlit. Led backlit 320X240 resolutions.
Update via USB port.
Connector Location.Auto Searching Mode.
Current Data live reading and Diagnostic Trouble Code.
Flight record.Graphic Function
Can check and analyze Petrol and Diesel Vehicle engine
Easy Key Pad OperationError message
Ignition timing advance
Desired Idle SpeedBattery Voltage
Radiator fan
Electric loadCoolant temperature
Provision to up-grade software with new makes and models