Steel flanges are an important part of the piping system in the industries as they will help you to maintain the piping system very easily. Various flanges can be used in the industry according to your requirement. Flanging will make your repair and replacement works very easy, and hence many industries do not sideline this method. Bolting your pipes will not require any special equipment for assembling but in the case of threading or welding special equipments like welding torches are necessary to make your work perfect. Sin case of welding, there will be certain types of flanging that will be designed only for welding and bolting is not an option there.

So one has to be careful while setting up the flanges and use the right method for assembling. Using a professional for welding purposes is essential else the pipes might leak, and it will not be welcomed in industries. So using professional work is preferable. The disadvantage of using this welding purpose is dismantling will become very tough when compared to the bolting methods. But still the strength of the connecting points will be very good when compared to the other method.

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