What are the main industrial applications of an inverter?

The Effect Inverters Have On Power Factor Correction

Significance and Benefits Of Industrial Inverters

Power is an essential requirement of industries. An inverter is a standalone equipment that converts the DC voltage into AC voltage. Inverters ensure that the power supply is uninterrupted and continuous. It is used in various applications like UPS, speed controllers, electric motors, etc. There are various types of inverters which are used for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes. Industries require the use of industrial invertors for the continuous functioning of the industry operations. Inverters play a critical role in the manufacturing and production industries. Inverter manufacturers can customize the industrial inverters based on their industrial requirement. Here you would understand the importance and benefits of the use of industrial invertors.

Importance Of Using Industrial Inverters

Industrial inverters are high power equipment which can protect against power interruptions. Several industries are functioning with power as the critical element for its operations. Industries like power generation, transportation, manufacturing, oil production, etc. should work without interruption.A shutdown of its activities will result in monetary loss. All these industries demand a continuous and consistent power supply for uninterrupted industrial operation. There are industrial applications like securing the power of rail and network signalization, airport runaway, pipeline control station, and manufacturing plant requires a continuous power supply.

Power outages, surges, and sags are the biggest threat to manufacturing industries. Industrial organizations are vulnerable to power supply variations. The damage caused due to the power failures would, of course, be devastating. A power failure that lasts for nearly ten seconds can result in a momentary lapse in production. This can cause damage to the equipment and machinery of the manufacturing industry. Thus to manage power outage and power failure, an efficient and robust industrial invertors must be installed.

Thus industries make sure that they install suitable industrial inverters which are scalable and efficient. Therefore industrial inverters are of greater importance to various types of industries and industrial application. Industries must choose the right industrial inverters in terms of its power load and efficiency.

Image That Represents the Industrial Inverter Concept

Benefits of Industrial Inverters

The following are the benefits of industrial inverters in the manufacturing industry. 

Boosts Productivity:  Industrial inverters not only offer uninterrupted power supply to industries but also increases the load capacity of the power source. Thus increasing the load capacity can help in boosting the productivity of the manufacturing industry. Therefore industries must install industrial power inverters based on the load capacity requirements. Increase in productivity would increase the revenue of the manufacturing industry.

Avoids Downtime: There are chances of the power outage or power failure in an industry which can bring the industry operations to stand still. This is because power is an essential requirement for continuous industrial processes. This would affect the productivity of the manufacturing industry to a greater extent. Thus to avoid the downtime caused due to power failure and fluctuations in power supply, an industrial inverter must be installed.

Hot-Swapping Is Safe: There would be a need to update the system of your manufacturing industry. With the use of industrial inverters, it is possible to replace the components of the industry without shutting down the entire system. It is possible to swap the industrial power inverters when the system is in use. This feature would enable to increase productivity and prevent the downtime of the industry. 

Diagrammatic Representation of inverter working process

Protects Equipment: Manufacturing and production industries make use of the latest type of equipment and machinery which can be damaged due to power failures. Industrial inverters can prevent the damage caused due to an inconsistent power supply.

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Working Of Industrial Inverter

The basic principle behind the working of an inverter is similar to the functioning of an oscillator. The essential element of the inverter is the transformer. It is an electronic device which can transform DC into AC at a given voltage and frequency. 

The above are the notable importance and benefits of industrial inverters.

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