Tyre Inflators

Tyre Inflators
We deal in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of digital tyre inflators and automatic tyre inflators to our clients. These automated machines are turned out by our skilled personnel conforming to the highest standards of quality. It makes them deliver unmatched performance efficiency. We can also manufacture these tyre inflators in accordance with the exact requirements of our clients.

Digital Tyre Inflators
We are counted as a leading manufacturer & exporter of superior quality digital tyre inflators in domestic & international markets. These digital tyre inflators are widely used & frequently applied in the following areas :
• Tyre Shops
• Service Stations
• Tyre Re-Treading Companies
• Petrol & Diesel Retail Outlets
• Transport Companies

Technical Specifications :
• Accuracy : +/-0.5%
• Resolution : +/-1 PSI
• Air Supply : 150 PSI (Maximum Operating Pressure
• Power Requirements : 230 V +/- 10%, 50 Hz +/-5 % single phase

The following accessories are also supplied by us along with these digital tyre inflators :

• Easy to operate keys for ING, DCE functions
• 8 Meter Hose with Air Filling & Release Nozzles
• Weather Proof (P – 65) Body
• Buzzer

Automatic Tyre Inflaters

Automatic Tyre Inflaters
We also manufacture premium quality automatic tyre inflators. These automatic tyre inflators are widely accepted and are used frequently at :

• Petrol & Diesel Retail Outlets
• Transport Companies
• Tyre Shops
• Automobile Service Stations
• Tyre Retreading Companies

Technical Specifications :
• Air Supply : 150 PSI (maximum operating pressure)
• Power Requirements : 230 V +/- 10%, 50 Hz +/-5 % single phase
• Accuracy : +/-0.5%
• Resolution : +/-1 PSI

Accessories Available :
• 8 Meter Hose with Airfil & Release Nozzle
• Weather Proof (P – 65) Instrument Body
• Easy to operate keys for ING DCE Functions
• Buzzer / Audible Tone at the end of operation

Car Tyre Inflators
We are a leading manufacturer & exporter of premium quality car tyre inflators with digital system. These car tyre inflators are ideal for applications in universal application areas such as :

• Petrol & Diesel Retail Outlets of Oil Companies
• Transport Companies
• Tyre Shops
• Service Stations.
• Tyre Re-Treading Companies.

Pollution Checking Machines
We have also designed pollution checking machines which include digital exhaust gas analyzer and digital exhaust gas meter that can easily check the pollution level of various automobiles. This pollution checking machine is easy to install & function efficiently. This pollution checking machine also minimizes the amount of harmful carbon mono oxide emitted by the automobiles. We offer digital exhaust gas analyzer and digital exhaust gas meter in pollution checking machines.

Digital Exhaust Gas Analyzer
We manufacture and export a wide range of digital exhaust gas analyzers, that specifically designed for the automobile industry. Designed using latest technology, these analyzers can easily check the pollution level of various automobiles. Elegant and smart in appearance, our analyzers are easy to install and known for their efficient functioning. Further, our range is tested on various parameters in order to meet the set industrial standards.

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Sailent Features :
• Elegant & Smart Appearance
• Indiginised Compact Product
• State of the Art technology
• Outstanding accuracy, stability & durability
• Response time of less than 10 seconds
• Standby for low power consumption when not in use
• 8 Bit: Microprocessor control

Standard Accessories :
• Exhaust Probe with Water Trap Filter & Tube
• RS 232 Cable
• Battery Cable
• Moisture Trap Filter Element
• Power Cord
• Graphic LCD Display for day & night visibility
• Membrane switches for long durability
• Measures Petrol, LPG & CNG engines
• AC/DC operational
• Approved by ARAI, Pune.

Optional Accessories :
• Nox Sensor
• PC Interface Software
• Extension Pipe with Adaptor
• Remote Unit
• Printer 24 Col. Dot Matrix

Technical Data :
• Response Time : < 10 Sec.
• Warm Up Time : < 1 minute
• Operating Temperature : 0°C to 45°C
• Power Consumption : 25 W

Specifications :
• Gas Measured : Co, Co2, HC, Nox (Optional)
• Principle : Non-Dispersive Infrared

Digital Exhaust Gas Meter
We provide our clients a range of high quality digital exhaust gas meters that are manufactured using state-of-the-art-technology. These find wide application in automobile industry for checking pollution level of various light as well as heavy vehicles. Designed with precision, these gas meters are appreciated for their high efficiency, outstanding stability and durability. Our gas meters are made in compliance with the prevalent standards and quality tested before delivery to the clients.

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Salient Features :
• Tough & Robust Appearance
• Indiginised Product
• State of the Art technology
• Outstanding Stability & durability
• 8 Bit-Microprocessor Control
• LCD Display on Control unit & remote
• Membrane switches for long durability
• Meant for free acceleration only
• AC / DC operational
• Warranty: 12 Months from the date of Supply
• Approved by ARAI, Pune

Standard Accessories :
• LCD Remote Unit
• Exhaust Hose Pipe
• Probe Pipe (3 Nos.)
• RS 232 Cable
• Battery Cable Power Cord
• RPM Adaptor
• Trolley

Optional Accessories :
• PC Interface Software Printer 24 Col. Dot Matrix Battery Tachometer Piezo Electric Sensor

Technical Data:
• Light Source: Halogen Lamp
• Detector : OPT 101
• Display : LCD Display
• Operating Temperature : 0’C to 45’C
• Operating Humidity : Upto 35%.RH(Non-Condensing)
• Control Unit : L-362, W-132. H-262 mm
• Sensor Unit : L-160, W-I64,H-166mm.Weight
• Control Unit : 5 Kgs.
• Sensor Unit : 12 Kgs.

Measurement :
• Smoke Density in Hartrige Unit (HSU) & Light Absorption Coefficient (K)

Range :
• HSU : 0-100% capacity
• K : 0-99.99 % Absorption
• Temp : 0-150″C

Resolution :
• HSU: 0.1 %
• K : 0.01 M’
• R.P.M. Piezo : 400-6000 RPM
• Tachometer : 400-9999 RPM

Time Constant :
• Physical : 0.3 Sec.
• Electrical : 0.1 Sec
• Temperature : PT 100
• H.P.M. Sensor : Piezo Eleclric
• Battery Tachometer (Optional)
• Printer : 24 Col. Dot Matrix
• Power Consumption : 25 W
• Power Supply : 150-230V AC, 11-25V DC through external battery.

Injector Cleaner
With the help of our experienced workforce, our company is manufacturing an extensive range of injector cleaners. These are used for cleaning and testing applications in automotive and various other industries. Our range of injector cleaners are incorporated with computerized setting and no attendant is required to be present while the injector are being cleaned. Further, our range is quality tested and can also be availed in customized specifications by the clients.
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Injector Cleaner
The injector cleaners offered by us are fully computerized and have auto measure facility at each RPM interval. Designed using latest technology, these injector cleaners are equipped with advanced features that ensure high efficiency and user friendly functions. Our range is also tested on various parameters to match with the international quality standards.

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